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Please, note that projects for the Competition must relate to one of the following submission categories:

  • Powered by Renewables: development and use of renewable energy can improve the energy security and significantly help the environment, and yet the share of these technologies is very small in our everyday life. Competition participants are offered to share their ideas on how renewables could be integrated in city or rural landscapes and become “new normal” for more people

  • Save More Energy: most people never think about how much energy they waste when they have too many unused devices connected to an electricity grid or when they don’t switch their computers off leaving the office. In this category competition participants are welcomed to submit projects related to energy efficiency and reduction of energy loss whether at individual, community or industrial levels

  • Reducing Energy Gap: for most of us electricity is something common and taken for granted but there are still many places in the world where people lack access to electricity or clean cooking systems. This global challenge calls for immediate action and competition participants are invited to step in and propose potential solutions for less electrified communities

In case a participant’s solution fits in more than one category, they should choose the one in which the solution could generate the greatest positive impact.

Participants may enter as individuals or as part of a multidisciplinary team (there is no limit to the number of members in the team). Individuals are invited to submit 1 project. They can also submit 1 team project for a total of 2 projects entered in the competition. Participants are encouraged to seek academic and professional mentorship/advice/sponsorship. Any supporting party will be mentioned alongside the project/author if included into publicity materials.