BE OPEN congratulates the winners of the Better Energy by Design competition

We have our winners!

The First prize of €5,000 goes to Miguel Acebron, a young architect from the University of Navarra in Spain, for the prototype of BOTIJO: a fridge that works with water and wind, a new take on a traditional Spanish porous clay vessel used to cool water. Miguel’s prototype allows cooling the contents of the Botijo below 5ºC by boosting the drying of the outer surface with an air flow. The BOTIJO is the first passive fridge that preserves medicines and fresh food in stable thermal conditions.

The Second prize of €3,000 is awarded to Qin Zhou from School of Design, Zhejiang Sci-tech University, China, for Engershe: Let Heartbeats Generate Electricity. The project researches the feasibility of transforming human kinetic energy into usable electric energy by using the piezoelectric effect of 2D material nanofibers such as MoS2 in clothing.

The Third prize of €2,000 goes to Naama Nicotra, an industrial designer and a recent BA in industrial design from the Holon Institute of Technology, Israel. Naama’s NakedPak is a concept series of “naked” food dishes wrapped in algae-based bioplastic that can be augmented with spices and cooked and eaten with its contents.

The Public Vote prize of €2,000 goes to the team from Politecnico di Milano, Italy: Iwana Sampaio Raydan, Zhiben Zheng, Yanqianfang Sun, Mirjam Höchst, Lorenzo Longieri, and Ece Nur Temel for Brease, a modular system designed to be adapted to the facades of buildings. It creates a vertical garden that works as insulation and shading panel, helping households save energy.

The Founder’s Choice prize of €3,000 awarded to Kevin Sulca, an architect and graduate from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Peru. His project Intergenerational Urban Furniture proposes a “versatile modular furniture that combines reading and play spaces with hydroponic gardening to generate economic and food sustenance in communities with a shortage of green area” so that different generations within a community could interact and learn from each other.

BE OPEN thanks and praises all the participants, jury members and voters!

Better Energy by Design is an international competition, held by BE OPEN and partners. It is open to students, graduates and young professionals who specialise in the fields of art, design, architecture and media.

The competition aims to encourage creation of innovative solutions by younger creatives, for the more prosperous and sustainable future. The focus of the competition is the United Nations’ SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

BE OPEN and all of the stakeholders involved in this international competition programme, strongly believe that creativity is integral in the shift to sustainable existence.

The objectives of “Better Energy by Design” are to raise awareness about SDG7: Clean and Affordable Energy and contribute to achieving it via recognizing, showcasing and promoting the best design ideas and projects that embody and can advance the principles, aims and implementation of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Achievement of SDG7 is impossible without ensuring that a growing number of households, communities and production companies use green energy technologies. Therefore participants of “Better Energy by Design” are asked to reflect on “What can be done to prompt breakthrough of clean energy technologies into our lives?” Whether you propose to make those more affordable, more modern or more appealing to energy users — it’s you call.

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